SARAH JAMISON Curator of “New Landscapes” To Moderate Artist Conversation

SARAH JAMISON, co-curator with Christian Arrecis of New Landscapes currently on view in Chicago at Gallery 19 through August 31st, will moderate a community conversation with two of the exhibition’s three artists, Allison Grant and Anastasia Samoylova, on August 20th at LATITUDE – for details about this event visit their Facebook page (here).

Sarah Jamison, a 2011 graduate of the MFA program in photography, joined four Chicago artist-colleagues in  April 2013 to form The Exhibition ProjectThe Exhibition Project grew out of an exhibition committee at the Chicago Photography Center. The original members built upon the mission of the committee to establish an independent curatorial collective with the purpose of challenging and pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium.

Artist: Anastasia Samoylova

Artist: Anastasia Samoylova

The conversation for New Landscapes will focus on the interdependent role of photography and technology through the evolution of landscape photography into contemporary concepts, creating dynamic ways in which we perceive and understand the landscape around us.

New Landscapes, which also includes work by Mark Dorf, explores contemporary experience, the role of technology, and how availability of resources have changed our sense of place within the world and how we understand it. Photography as a tool of navigation and interpretation is nothing new, however; technological inroads have inexorably altered how we consume the landscape and images of it.

Artist Allison Grant

Artist: Allison Grant

Their first Project,  Expanding the Frame, questioned the role of photography as a device of straight documentation, or even manipulation, by reevaluating the nature of the photograph as a still image and object on the wall. New Landscapes is the group’s second project/exhibition.

Chris Ramsay Solo Exhibit at OSU Museum of Art Surveys 20 Years of Art

Chris at work

Chris Ramsay will have a 20 year survey of his artwork presented at the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art in Stillwater from September 15, 2014 through January 17, 2015.  Titled Chris Ramsay: Meditations in Stillwater, the exhibition presents more than thirty works by Ramsay who is a professor of art at OSU.

Ramsay received an MFA in jewelry design and metalsmithing from Texas Tech in 1986. He has been on the art faculty at OSU since 1990 and served as the Art Department Head between 2008 and 2012.

"Fossils: Patterns of Organic Energy" (detail, 1994) wall piece, etched copper, wood, patinas, found objects, Ralston- Oklahoma brachiopods. 26 in. x 10 in.

“Fossils: Patterns of Organic Energy” (detail, 1994) wall piece, etched copper, wood, patinas, found objects, Ralston- Oklahoma brachiopods. 26 in. x 10 in.

Wes Harvey Joins Red Lodge Clay Center as Curator of Exhibitions

wes-pic for RedLodge


Wesley Harvey is moving to Montana! Red Lodge Clay Center announced this week that Wesley Harvey, an MFA alumnus of the ceramics program, has joined their staff as Curator of Exhibitions – Congratulations, Wes.

Wesley graduated from Texas Tech in May 2007 and soon joined the Landmark Arts staff as Exhibits Preparator and Assistant.  After a year he moved to San Antonio where he worked as an adjunct instructor and established himself as a nationally recognized artist, regularly exhibiting his ceramic sculptures in national, international and local exhibitions.  He quickly garnered a reputation as an art collectors’ darling among San Antonio collectors.  Last April Wesley was the First Place winner in the 20th Annual San Angelo Ceramic Competition.

AndyMoonxmas2011At Red Lodge, Wesley joins friend and professional colleague Andy Moon, who graduated from Texas Tech’s MFA program in ceramics in 2009.  Andy has served as the Residency and Communications Coordinator at Red Lodge for the last two years.

Corey Escoto Active in Exciting Art-CSA Trend to Support Emerging Artists

The CSA Team, Corey Escoto, second from the left.

The CSAPGH Team, Corey Escoto, second from the left.

In 2010 Corey Escoto moved to Pittsburgh to teach a Chatham College, where he is an assistant professor of Art.  Escoto quickly integrated himself into the local art scene, while continuing to exhibit nationally and internationally.  Not long after he got there he teamed up with some new friends to form CSAPGH, an artist-driven art CSA, along the lines of agricultural CSAs, to support local artists.   Corey and Casey Droege, Organizer in Chief or CASPGH and assistant professor of Art at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, wrote an initial grant proposal which garnered them $6,000 to jump start the project. The team now has five members, for which Corey serves as the Packaging Design & Web guru.

Learning from similar artists’ CSA models in Philadelphia, Chicago and Minneapolis, CSAPGH provides a $1,000 stipend, each, to six local artists in exchange for an edition of 50 artworks from each artist.  “CSA Shares” are sold to art collectors for $450 a share.  At the end of the production season, each shareholder receives six artworks, one by each of the participating artists.

Says Escoto, “The program has been a really great for our artists, and the collectors love the share pickup events and the artworks.”  Better yet, last summer the New York Times came out to their end-of-the-season pick up event and included CSAPGH in a feature article about the art CSA programs forming all across the country (read article here).”

CSAPGH art share

CSAPGH art share

“For us it has been great championing the work of local artists and connecting with other CSA programs across the country.” Concludes Escoto, “I like being in the middle connecting people together and helping to bring to light emerging artists. Many people are surprised and excited to hear that the artists that we are showing have national and international exhibition records and that they chose to live in Pittsburgh.”

PEDRAM BALDARI Sculpture To Be Exhibited at Basel Art Fair, Switzerland

Pedram square imagePedram Baldari, MFA student in sculpture with a secondary in photography who began his studies at Texas Tech in 2012, will have his art work represented at this summer’s SCOPE Basel Art Fair by Janet Rady Fine Art, his London gallery, when the show opens on June 17th.

Pedram was born and raised in a middle class family at the west of Iran, Kurdistan 1981. The first eight years of his life took place during the violent crossfire between Iran and Iraq’s war. Says, Pedram, “My life has always been affected by politics and the social manifestation of it in its radical fashion. I believe art can thoroughly expose the existing past and upcoming trauma within the body of the society. For me, they are traumatological exploration of my life experiences regarding restriction, body, identity, minority, post war experience, control, post humanism, post colonialism and power.”

"Sealed the Consealed III" (2013-2014) wood and aluminium, 96.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm (38 x 9 x 9 inches.)

“Sealed the Consealed III” (2013-2014) wood and aluminium, 96.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm (38 x 9 x 9 inches.)

Pedram, who has exhibited nationally and internationally since 2006, has been exploring different mediums and forms of art from X-Ray machine photography to video, sound art, performance, mix media, video-theatre, installation and sculpture. He researches different ways and mediums to join his historical/cultural heritage to the contemporary world. Meanwhile, he retains a critical approach toward “West vs. East” or “East under the gaze of West” paradigms. “I think these paradigms act as the status quo of the Art world,” says Pedram, “in particular their socio-psycho-political apparatus. I try to maintain an existence in the fold where these dimensions meet with each other in their greatest tension, where the trauma shows itself in its naked fashion.”

KEN LITTLE – 3rd of Five Exhibitions in West Texas Triangle Opens Friday

Ken Little

Photo by Cathy Cunningham

This Friday, June 13th, the Museum of the Southwest in Midland opens the third of five exhibitions in the West Texas Triangle featuring the artwork of Ken Little, who received the honor of being named the 2014 TEXAS STATE VISUAL ARTIST – 3D in a public ceremony sponsored by the Texas Commission on the Arts in Austin last year.

KEN LITTLE, was born in Canyon, Texas, received his B.F. A. from Texas Tech University and M.F.A. from the University of Utah. He has been a professor of sculpture at UTSA since 1998. As the 2014 featured artist of the West Texas Triangle, his work is being presented in Abilene, Albany, Midland, Odessa and San Angelo between May and November this year.

The West Texas Triangle is a collaboration between five art museums in West Texas. Besides the Museum of the Southwest, the group includes the Ellen Noël Art Museum in Odessa, the Grace Museum in Abilene, the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.   The exhibition schedule is as follows.

shoe-bearThe Grace Museum:  May 8 – August 9
The Old Jail Art Center:  June 7 – September 7
Museum of the Southwest:  June 13 – August 24
Ellen Noel Art Museum:  TBD
San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts:  July 10 – November 7

TTU Alumni present Useful Pictures in New York

6/12 – 7/20
Denny Gallery
261 Broome St.
New York, NY.

In 2011, National Geographic published a study that projected an estimated 105 billion photographs would be taken annually by Americans by the year 2015. The impact of digital technology on photographic processes and the current kamikaze of image sharing are two of the driving concepts behind useful pictures, a curatorial team and “artist-run investigation”* based in Brooklyn, NY and founded by TTU School of Art alumni Zach Nader (MFA Photography, 2011) and Grant Billingsley (MFA Painting and Sculpture, 2011), working along with artist Eric Shows (MFA University of Wisconsin-Madison – 2009).


Erin O’Keefe, Much Ado, 2014

On Thursday, June 12th, the exhibition Frameshift, curated by useful pictures, opens at New York City’s Denny Gallery. Each of the six artists featured in Frameshift complicate the photographic process and “resist the finality of arrival and perfect replication advertised by the technically produced image.”** For example, photographer Barry Stone translated the binary data of a photograph into text that he then edited and retranslated to produce a distinct image. Erin O’Keefe combines objects and architectural elements to stage a photograph that compresses a multiplicity of angles and perspective points into the two-dimensional picture-plane of the photograph.

Among the billions of photographs taken this year, Frameshift hones in on a few that reveal something to us about the nature of photography as a medium and the creative processes to which it can be subject, as well as the layers of reality in which we exist in the post-digital age.

 Frameshift will be on view June 12th – July 20th at Denny Gallery. Join the curators and artists for the exhibition’s opening on Thursday, June 12th from 6-8pm, or for a gallery talk on Saturday, June 14th at 3pm.

Recent Communication Design Graduates On Winning Team in National Competition

Conner Drew and Stephanie Bradford during May's Communication Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition.

Conner Drew and Stephanie Bradford during May’s Communication Design Senior Portfolio Exhibition.

Stephany Bradford, of Wolfforth, and Conner Drew, of Austin, are two recently graduated Communication Design students who, as seniors, were on the creative team for Bullet Advertising, Texas Tech University’s student advertising team.  Competing in the final round of the 2014 American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) in Boca Raton, Florida on May 28-31, the Bullet Advertising team took Third Place, representing their district against the top teams from fourteen other US districts.

The 19-member team created a campaign for this year’s sponsor, Mary Kay Cosmetics. The campaign hopes to attract a younger clientele to the brand.

After their first-place win in the district 10 competition, the student team was ranked second of the eight teams in the country as they went into the finals competition.  See more about the team here.

Chisum Justus in Dallas – Last Weekend

CHISUM JUSTUS, "Pinkerton's Meat Raft" acrylic on canvas.

CHISUM JUSTUS, “Pinkerton’s Meat Raft” acrylic on canvas.

Click HERE to read about Chisum Justus’s exhibition at Cohn Drennan Contemporary in Dallas.

Professor Tina Fuentes Interviewed on 24 Frames

School of Art Professor Tina Fuentes was recently interviewed on KTTZ’s 24 Frames.

See the video here.