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ANDY (ANDREA) MOON in 2-Person Show in Montana

ANDY (ANDREA) MOON, has new ceramic work in a 2-person exhibition at the O. Gallery in Livingston, Montana this month. Reception for the exhibition is tonight (Friday, July 24th).

Go (here) to read a great online essay published in July by Big Sky Journal titled “In the Studio with Andrea Moon.”

Andrea Moon

Andy graduated from the MFA program in ceramics in 2009.  She currently lives in Red Lodge, Montana where she serves as the Residency & Communications Coordinator at the Red Lodge Clay Center.

ERIC SIMPSON Completes “Longsuffering” Art Book Project

It is official, ERIC SIMPSON placed 30 handmade copies of Longsuffering artbooks in the hands of a USPS mail carrier this week, bringing to an end a major project that began last winter.  Says Simpson, “It is quite exciting knowing that some are going all the way to Oregon, while others are headed to New York and some will be finding their homes in-between.”

book prototype

Last winter Eric began conversations with Dr. John Poch, poet and professor of creative writing at Texas Tech, about collaborating on a book project pairing John’s poetry with Eric’s recent photographic work.  From the beginning they envisioned creating a handmade art book that would include letterpressed poetry and hand-tipped in photographs.

By early March Eric had prepared a prototype. The pair quickly figured out that the only way they would be able to produce the project would be to seek crowdfunding and then, if successful with the crowdfunding, for Eric to do all the book binding himself.

On March 26th Eric and John launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 to support the project. If successful, their goal was to create 30 handmade books, all with letterpress text and with original artworks. Their $8,000 goal was quickly reached by the end of the second week of the campaign.  By campaign’s end, on April 25th, they had raised $13,570!

Dirk Fowler, fine tuning the proof press at CASP's Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio

Dirk Fowler fine tuning the proof press at CASP’s Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio

With funds in place by early May, Eric and John enlisted the assistance and expertise of letterpress gurus Dirk Fowler and Victoria M. Bee at the CASP Helen DeVitt Jones Print Studio in Lubbock in order to get the finest quality letterpress printing of the poetry. “I don’t know what we would have done without the expertise of Dirk Fowler and Vicki Bee. Once we hit our stride with the printing press, we just got better and better results. It was actually quite magical.” says John Poch.

RYDER RICHARDS Interviewed by ZoneOneArts

RYDER RICHARDS (2001 BFA in Painting & Drawing; MFA from TCU) has been interviewed this month by Australia based ZoneOneArts.  Read the interview (here).

2015-07-20 Ryder Richards interview at Zone1Arts

Ryder lives and works in the Dallas area and  has taught art at the collegiate level for 10 years. He founded Eutopia: Contemporary Art Review in 2014. As the director of both privately owned and collegiate galleries Richards has been curating exhibits for 10 years, including Boom Town at the Dallas Museum of Art. Richards gives several lectures/interviews every year ranging from his own art practice to more theoretical topics related to the art world, occasionally participating in or moderating panel discussions. His website can be seen (here).

He is scheduled to have an exhibition titled a thing of this world at the PA Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY in August.

PATENT PENDING Reviewed on The Bowerbird

Patent Pending panorama

Photo courtesy Victoria Marie Bee.

Jonathan Whitfill’s Patent Pending exhibition, which was presented at the Charles Adams Studio Project 5&J Gallery in July, features works by over 70 artists; any of them are School of Art alumni.

Jordann Davis, an MA in Art History candidate, has a review of the exhibition published on The Bowerbird blogsite (read here).

BOBBY & JENNIFER COX Resume Control of Pheasant Ridge Winery


A recent article in Wine & Vines magazine online, reports that Bobby and Jennifer Cox (1975 BFA alumni) have resumed control over the Pheasant Ridge Winery, which they originally started up.

Cox told Wines & Vines, “It’s a bit bittersweet. There’s no inventory, and the winery is not equipped. The vineyard has about 9 to 11 acres of viable grapes, but we do have the brand and the building. The bottom line is that I know this ground can grow world-class wine, but it will take a while to get there.”


Read the entire news story at:
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Lubbock Area Alumni Exhibit Opens Saturday, June 13th

horizontal front of card

Reception for the exhibition is Saturday, June 13th from 6:00-8:00 PM.

SUSAN BUDGE Exhibits at Dock Space, San Antonio

Susan Budge at Dock

PHILIP MONAGHAN Exhibits New Paintings at TTU School of Art This October

24Midnight Lace #3-DorisDay-Why

For Immediate Release:
June 5, 2015

Texas Tech School of Art Presents
“Why Are You Doing This To Me?”
Philip Monaghan + David Trinidad

LUBBOCK: Texas Tech School of Art proudly presents an exhibition of paintings by alumnus Philip Monaghan in the exhibition entitled “Why Are You Doing This To Me?” Philip Monaghan and David Trinidad. The exhibition will be presented in the Landmark Gallery from October 2 – December 13, 2015.  An opening reception for the exhibition will be held on Friday, October 3rd from 5:00-7:00 PM.  Philip Monaghan and David Trinidad will be in attendance.

“Why Are You Doing This To Me?” is a visual statement that lifts the scenes from David Trinidad’s poem “The Late Show” revealing the films referenced by the poem.  The paintings portray the mock pathos and camp qualities the nineteen films embody.  According to Trinidad, the result is sublime.  The scenes unfold as the poem does, each frame delivered like a film spools through a projector, capturing the staccato rhythm of the poem.  An often horrific quality prevails as each actress’s circumstance and character flaws result in them becoming victims, once again.  Holland Carter reviewing Monaghan’s previous exhibition of paintings based on a poem by Tim Dlugos wrote, “Mr. Monaghan is admirably faithful to the poem’s text. His layering of painted and printed images reflects its fractured structure. His light-touch, straight-faced brushwork is perfectly suited to its plain-style language and affectless, though dimly forbidding tone.”

RYDER RICHARDS – San Diego Art Institute 53rd International


Ryder Richards (2001 BFA in Studio Art; MFA from TCU) had three pieces selected into the San Diego Art Institute’s 53rd International Exhibition.  Obligation [2014], shown above, received an Honorable Mention and cash prize.

See all his works that got into the exhbition (here).



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