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Thank You for Your Donations!

The School of Art appreciates donations — whether it is recycled silver, a kiln, assorted art materials, and/or money! Today we thank the General Manager of Barnes and Noble College Booksellers John Creed for his generous gift of art materials which we will provide to some of our needy students this summer and in the fall semester.

SoA Is Going "Green" With Donated Silver


Dr. Harold  and Mrs. Margaret Brannan of San Antonio, Texas, attended a Foundation Board Dinner this year held at the new 3D Art Annex where they met Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing Professor, Robly Glover. Many stunning student creations were on display. Dr. Brannan then asked if Glover could use some reclaimed silver in his classes for various projects. Glover said,” Of course, I said yes. It is  just about the best gift you can get!”

Recycling is always a good thing and the Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing program recycle in such lovely and exciting ways.