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Alumni CHRIS IRICK & CATHY MCCLURE to Speak at 2015 Texas Metals Symposium

Artists and alumni Chris Irick and Cathy McClure will participate as speakers at the 2015 Texas Metals Symposium taking place on October 17th, 2015 on the Texas Tech campus.

Chris Irick (BFA from TTU; MFA from UMASS Dartmouth) is currently a Professor of Metal Arts and the head of the jewelry program at Pratt MWP while residing in Utica, New York. Having taught jewelry for many years in both college and adult education programs, Irick’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Metalsmith and American Craft magazines. Irick’s work has also been exhibited nationally and is included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Chris-Irick-_14   irick brooch

Cathy McClure (BFA from TTU; MFA from University of Washington) is currently represented by Edelman Arts and Moss in New York, New York and is based in Seattle, Washington. McClure is a multi-media artist with a strong background in metal design and predominantly works with sterling silver, bronze, and steel. With a preoccupation with mechanical toys and engineering, McClure’s artwork often consists of multimedia components as well as humor and charm.

Chicken     Hokey

This event is being organized by Professor Robly Glover and the additional speakers will include Randy Long (Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana) and Charles Lewton-Brain (Alberta College of Art & Design). 

Check for additional information as the date nears.

ZACH NADER Curates a Video Screening Event at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery Including Video by MARK COLLOP

Zach Nader received his MFA in Photography in 2011 from Texas Tech and now resides in Brooklyn. He has curated the video work of 19 different artists for an event called  “positioning systems.”  The video screenings will take place at Brooklyn’s Microscope Gallery on Saturday, June 13th from 7:30 P.M. to 9 P.M. Learn more about the event here.

Among the videos included is one by New York based Mark Collop, who received his BFA in Studio Art in 2004 from Texas Tech and went on to get his MFA from Texas Woman’s University. Collop’s video is entitled “Dog Fetch” (2007)


School of Art Alumni Reception in New York – October 23rd

Microsoft Outlook - Memo Style

The Gift of Time

Old trooper, I see your child’s red crayon pass,
bleeding deletions on the galleys you hold
under your throbbing magnifying glass,
that worn arena, where the whirling sand
and broken-hearted lions lick your hand
refined by bile as yellow as a lump of gold.

                                    –Robert Lowell, from “For George Santayana”


Day 1

At the suggestion of a local farmer, and after some deliberation, we took a back road and then no road at all, climbing over a cratered field of scrub into RAiR’s backyard. One of the residents came out fuming. “Turn around! Turn around!” He gestured toward a driveway that had been all but invisible beforehand. Rattled, Joe and I swung back—inched back, I should say—to the proper entrance. “A grand first impression,” Joe sighed.

We met Ryder Richards in front of his apartment and studio, a dun-colored affair with a slant silver roof that glared. All the other apartments looked much the same, excepting the compound’s meetinghouse whose single spire, in small silver letters, declared RAiR’s motto: The Gift of Time. Ryder showed us into the guest apartment where we would be staying. “There are towels in the bathroom,” he said. “You guys freshen up, then come over to my place for a drink.”

Joe showered first. We had been shed-camping in Madrid the past three days and were sooty for all the fires we had huddled over; too, the coal that blotched the surrounding hills—which we one day hiked—and hung in the air as dust, residual from the town’s old mines. Everything in Madrid seemed dirty, black. At RAiR it was the opposite: the walls were starkly white, the furniture austere. Even the sky was spotless.

Joel Kiser In First Iron Pour at Collin College

On Saturday April 20th, Collin College Sculpture faculty and students successfully poured cast iron for the first time in the history of the Collin College Art Department under the direction of Sculpture Professor Luke Sides and Art Labs Coordinator Joel Kiser (2007 BFA in Sculpture from Texas Tech).  This epic feat was made possible by a dedicated group of sculpture students who worked together to safely pour over 800 lbs. of cast iron.

Joel Kiser feeding the cupola.

Joel Kiser feeding the cupola.

In the weeks leading up to the iron pour, sculpture students diligently collected scrap bathtubs and assisted in the welding of sand pits, while at the same time working on their own molds to be cast. All of the iron poured was actually collected by hand breaking cast iron bathtubs and sinks into small potato chip size pieces to be collected and poured into a homemade cupola furnace, constructed by Kiser.

JOELCommented Kiser, “I have never seen such excitement and dedication from our sculpture students. Usually, we teach techniques and processes that follow the students into their four-year art-making futures. Today, however, we were able to give them a unique life experience, in terms of teamwork and camaraderie, that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. For me, that is what teaching is all about.”

PBS Presents Scott Thurman’s “The Revisionaries”

Scott Thurman (2007 BFA in Studio Art; MFA from University of North Texas) who currently resides in Austin,  was back in the media spotlight this week as PBS announced that they would be airing The Revisionaries this week, an independent film he directed.  In Lubbock the film aired on Monday evening, January 28th.

If you missed it, you can stream the film online via PBS-Independent Lens, for free, through February 28th.

The film premiered last April at the Tribeca Film Festival where it received a “Special Jury Award” which was presented by Michael Moore at the awards ceremony.  Since then the film has been selected by and screened at various national and international independent film festivals.

You can read more about the film and all the folks who worked with Scott to get it done at The Revisionaries – Official Movie Site.

Guests at 3rd Annual 5×7 Art Scholarship Fundraiser Surprised by “Howdy Doody”

About 168 persons gathered on Saturday, January 22nd for an evening of great fun, food, wine, dancing and art grabbing during the 3rd Annual Medici Circle – School of Art Scholarship Fundraiser.  The Frazier Alumni Center offered a warm glow with its large fireplace accentuated by the floral and table decor that was provided by College Flowers.


Heather Henry and Blair Isom, two of the event co-chairs, preview the 5x7 artworks.

The evening began with a champagne preview of over 200 artworks donated by artists from all over the USA, including works by art faculty and students, alumni, local artists, and artists who have previously exhibited in Landmark Arts.  Artists donated one to three artworks, each 5 x7 inches in size to be sold at a fixed price of $75.  At one point during the preview, Chad Plunket, alumnus of the Art and Architecture programs and currently adjunct instructor in Art Foundations, came up to me and asked in awe, “Are those really works by Ken Little? And are they really going for only $75.”  I affirmed that San Antonio based art alumnus, Ken Little had generously submitted three of his “dollar” artworks for the evening, and that, yes, they would be the same price as all the rest of Art Grab works. Plunket, Art office administrator Sue Yager, and Medici Board President Elisabeth Burrows each made off, like bandits, with their own Ken Little that evening.

Sue Yager, thrilled to have snagged one of the Ken Little 5x7s.


Art student staff Ryan De la Garza (left) and Linda Tien (right) previewed James W. Johnson's acrylic on paper painting "Howdy Doody dodged a bullet" and William Cannings' inflated aluminum piece titled "Reflect" before the live auction.

June 12-14 Alumni Weekend @ Junction


Alumni weekend at Junction is next weekend, June 12-14. To start the weekend off, there will be a gathering of artists and art educators for a “Conversation in Leadership” (Saturday, June 12th from 1-5 PM). The participants of this conversation currently include: Rebecca Riley, TTU SOA alumna and currently Vice President for Student Services at Lonestar College in Houston, Helen Klebesadel, Director of Women’s Studies at U-Wisconsin System, Valerie Dibble, Associate Professor of Art in Digital Photography and Printmaking at Kennesaw State University, Georgia , and our own CVPA Dean Carol Edwards. Klebesadel will remain the following week  as guest artist. 

Mata Ortiz ceramics artist, Jaime Dominguez, will be giving a workshop with James Watkins, Horn Professor, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Architecture. 

 Saturday evening, Bob Hickerson, TTU Chief Operating Officer for the Off Campus Sites, will host a BBQ  for staff and family at the Junction Campus with music provided by Spider Johnson. 

This speakers series at Junction Center is supported by CVPA and the College of Outreach & Distance Education. It will also support visiting artist Beverly Penn during 2nd Summer Session.

SoA Is Going "Green" With Donated Silver


Dr. Harold  and Mrs. Margaret Brannan of San Antonio, Texas, attended a Foundation Board Dinner this year held at the new 3D Art Annex where they met Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing Professor, Robly Glover. Many stunning student creations were on display. Dr. Brannan then asked if Glover could use some reclaimed silver in his classes for various projects. Glover said,” Of course, I said yes. It is  just about the best gift you can get!”

Recycling is always a good thing and the Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing program recycle in such lovely and exciting ways.

Mark Nelson Stars in PBS's Beads, Baubles, and Jewels

Mark Nelson, MFA 1999, Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing, will star in a jewelry demonstration series coming soon to PBS. He has worked with Rio Grande for four years. (Rio Grande is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of jewelry making findings and tools in North America.) PBS and Rio Grande will offer 12 original episodes of the season, each featuring a different full-length project, now available online! Check your PBS listings for dates and times, or call your local station to request the show air in your area. 

 Professor Robly Glover  taught and mentored Nelson in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing while he was at the SoA. Glover explains,”Mark is becoming quite a celebrity. . . He does do scholarly development and research and is a good studio artist!”