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ROBIN J. KANG, 2013 ArtSlant Prize Winner, Exhibiting in New York

ROBIN J. KANG, 2004 BFA in Photography and formerly known as Jennifer Buell, is exhibiting works in her latest show Danger Is In The Neatness Of Identitification with Rwandan artist Duhirwe Rushemeza at the Catinca Tabacaru Gallery in New York. She received the ArtSlant Prize 2013 based on her strong body of work and her winning submission Core Memory (2012).

For full details about the exhibition, go (here).

"Random Access Memory" (2013) hand Jacquard woven cotton, 18 x 14 inches.

“Random Access Memory” (2013) hand Jacquard woven cotton, 18 x 14 inches.

Robin is also included in a group show called Winger’s Friends at Johannes Vogt Gallery opening this Thursday, November 20th in the Chelsea gallery area of New York.  The exhibit continues through December 20th.

Wingers Friends

TOM TURNER in Group Show at MOAH, Lancaster, CA

TOM TURNER is one of twenty-six photographic artists included by curator Sant Khasla in Being Here and There at the Museum of Art & History (MOAH) in Lancaster, CA.  The exhibition, which opened on November 22nd and continues through January 11th, focuses on imagery derived from the artists’ individual and contemplative experience of place.

Click here to see the Tom’s video selected for the exhibition.

landscape for LA

IAN F THOMAS Collaborative Installation Exhibited in Dubai


Autonomous Player Simulation v1.0

Ian F. Thomas, in collaboration with Byron Rich and Alex Derwick, has an artwork installation currently on display in Dubai in conjunction with the 2014 ISEA Symposium (20th Annual International Symposium on Electronic Art). Their installation is included in a group show at Lobo Listone Gallery located in the heart of Dubai’s art district – Al Quoz.

Autonomous Player Simulation v1.0 uses a gaming-based sensing environment by which viewers activate the movement of a near-future approximation of a military weapon.  The “aesthetic of the work asks viewers questions regarding the indiscernability between war and play as gaming technology.” Read more about the installation (here).

ian-thomas-pic-2Ian Thomas is a 2006 graduate of the MFA program in Studio Art.  Although his specialization was in ceramics, Thomas has worked primarily as an installation and conceptual artist, most often collaboratively.  In 2009, Thomas founded the Culture Laboratory Collective, a group of twelve artists from across the country who all work with ideas of social cohesion without conforming their own personal aesthetics. The Culture Laboratory Collective has worked with contemporary art critics such as Ben Lewis and Noah Simblist. It has conducted exhibitions at locations such as The Nave Museum, in Victoria, Texas as well as in Jingdezhen, Beijing, and Shanghai, China. Thomas has exhibited work internationally and appeared in numerous publications. In 2010, Thomas exhibited a performative installation entitled “The Ergonomics of Futility” with photographer, Shreepad Joglekar, at RO2 Gallery in Dallas, Texas. In 2012, he exhibited a collaborative piece, created with artist Ryder Richards, at the 2012 NCECA Invitational Exhibition, located at The Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington.

For more information about Thomas, go (here).

COREY ESCOTO Solo Show at Halsey McKay in East Hampton, NY


Corey Escoto (2004 BFA in painting, MFA from Washington University in St. Louis, now living and working in Pittsburgh, PA) will have a solo exhibition at Halsey McKay in East Hampton, NY beginning October 25th.

“Using a large format camera, a layered multiple exposure process, hand-cut stencils and Polaroid film, the artist constructs images within photography’s flattened surface plane. His Polaroids are compilations of texture, light and surface, hand-manipulated into enigmatic landscapes, geometric forms and other worldly spaces.” Read more at Halsey McKay.

LIBBY KAY HICKS Has Solo Exhibition in San Angelo


LIBBY HICKS, a senior in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting and drawing, will have a solo exhibition at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Coop Gallery on October 10th and 11th.

artist photoEntitled Fabrications, the exhibition is an exploration of visual scenes from memories of places and experiences from the past and present. A mental manufacturing recreates a pull between reflection and invention. The works in the exhibition have a symbolic dialogue between “home” and the relationships that inhabit each environment. They also relate to social issues regarding gender roles and the lives of women.  Says Hicks about the work that will be exhibited, “All of the surfaces used in Fabrications are those that you could find in a home. Pillow shams, curtains, bed sheets, table clothes, baby blankets and ribbon, all to assemble visual memoir created with a hesitant intent.”

Hicks grew up in Floydada, TX and graduated from Floydada High School in 2011. This year she is serving as Art Editor for the 2015 Harbinger: TTU Journal of Literature and Art.



TOM TURNER Has Solo Exhibition at Center for Contemporary Art, Abilene

Installation View

Tom Turner, a 2013 graduate of the MFA program in Photography, has a solo exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Abilene through September 27th.  The exhibition consists of 38 photographic prints and six videos. Titled, Sublime Gestures, the artwork in the exhibition investigates the relationship between man and the environment, examining the traces and marks that humans leave on their environments and the marks that the environment leaves upon man-made structures and intentions.

Tom has been adjunct insturctor at the Art Institute of San Antonio and is a Co-director and resident artist at Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery in San Antonio along with other School of Art alumni, Carol Cunningham, Sara Roberts, Jessica Sailors, and Chris Adams.

In November he will have work included in Being Here and There at the Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, CA.



KATY HEINLEIN in 2-Person Show at Art Palace

Exhibit installation view: Left: "Fob" polyester, wood, aluminum. 36" x 36" x 45". Right: "Habit" polyester, silk, wood. 42" x 35" x 46"

Exhibit installation view: Left: “Fob” polyester, wood, aluminum. 36″ x 36″ x 45″.
Right: “Habit” polyester, silk, wood. 42″ x 35″ x 46″

Katy Heinlein, 1999 MFA alumna of the sculpture program, will be in a two-person exhibition with painter Alika Herreshoff  at Art Palace in Houston opening this Friday, September 5th and continuing through October 18th.

Heinlein has received several awards, participated in residency programs, and been in several notable group and solo exhibitions. In the year 2000, She was selected to participate in an international juried competition, Women in the Visual Arts, which was held at the Erector Square Gallery in New Haven Connecticut and juried by Guggenheim Deputy Director Lisa Dennison.  Heinlein was one of three to receive a juror’s award. In 2001, She had a solo exhibition at Lawndale Art Center in the main gallery. That year, she was also chosen to participate in New American Talent at the Texas Fine Arts Association in Austin, Texas.

In 2005, Heinlein was awarded the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County Individual Artist Fellowship Grant. In that same year, she traveled to Montauk, NY to be an artist in residence at the Albee Foundation, and had a solo exhibition of her work at the Commerce Street Artists Warehouse in Houston, Texas. She was an artist in residence in 2006 at DiverseWorks Art Space in Houston, Texas. In 2007, Heinlein won the $10,000 William and Dorothy Yeck National Young Sculptors Purchase Award, and participated in a group exhibition at Miami University in conjunction with the award. Heinlein was recently awarded an Artadia grant in the spring of 2008.

For more information about the exhibition at Art Palace, click here.


SARAH JAMISON Curator of “New Landscapes” To Moderate Artist Conversation

SARAH JAMISON, co-curator with Christian Arrecis of New Landscapes currently on view in Chicago at Gallery 19 through August 31st, will moderate a community conversation with two of the exhibition’s three artists, Allison Grant and Anastasia Samoylova, on August 20th at LATITUDE – for details about this event visit their Facebook page (here).

Sarah Jamison, a 2011 graduate of the MFA program in photography, joined four Chicago artist-colleagues in  April 2013 to form The Exhibition ProjectThe Exhibition Project grew out of an exhibition committee at the Chicago Photography Center. The original members built upon the mission of the committee to establish an independent curatorial collective with the purpose of challenging and pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium.

Artist: Anastasia Samoylova

Artist: Anastasia Samoylova

The conversation for New Landscapes will focus on the interdependent role of photography and technology through the evolution of landscape photography into contemporary concepts, creating dynamic ways in which we perceive and understand the landscape around us.

New Landscapes, which also includes work by Mark Dorf, explores contemporary experience, the role of technology, and how availability of resources have changed our sense of place within the world and how we understand it. Photography as a tool of navigation and interpretation is nothing new, however; technological inroads have inexorably altered how we consume the landscape and images of it.

Artist Allison Grant

Artist: Allison Grant

Their first Project,  Expanding the Frame, questioned the role of photography as a device of straight documentation, or even manipulation, by reevaluating the nature of the photograph as a still image and object on the wall. New Landscapes is the group’s second project/exhibition.

CHRIS RAMSAY Solo Exhibit at OSU Museum of Art Surveys 20 Years of Art

Chris at work

Chris Ramsay will have a 20 year survey of his artwork presented at the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art in Stillwater from September 15, 2014 through January 17, 2015.  Titled Chris Ramsay: Meditations in Stillwater, the exhibition presents more than thirty works by Ramsay who is a professor of art at OSU.

Ramsay received an MFA in jewelry design and metalsmithing from Texas Tech in 1986. He has been on the art faculty at OSU since 1990 and served as the Art Department Head between 2008 and 2012.

"Fossils: Patterns of Organic Energy" (detail, 1994) wall piece, etched copper, wood, patinas, found objects, Ralston- Oklahoma brachiopods. 26 in. x 10 in.

“Fossils: Patterns of Organic Energy” (detail, 1994) wall piece, etched copper, wood, patinas, found objects, Ralston- Oklahoma brachiopods. 26 in. x 10 in.

PEDRAM BALDARI Sculpture To Be Exhibited at Basel Art Fair, Switzerland

Pedram square imagePedram Baldari, MFA student in sculpture with a secondary in photography who began his studies at Texas Tech in 2012, will have his art work represented at this summer’s SCOPE Basel Art Fair by Janet Rady Fine Art, his London gallery, when the show opens on June 17th.

Pedram was born and raised in a middle class family at the west of Iran, Kurdistan 1981. The first eight years of his life took place during the violent crossfire between Iran and Iraq’s war. Says, Pedram, “My life has always been affected by politics and the social manifestation of it in its radical fashion. I believe art can thoroughly expose the existing past and upcoming trauma within the body of the society. For me, they are traumatological exploration of my life experiences regarding restriction, body, identity, minority, post war experience, control, post humanism, post colonialism and power.”

"Sealed the Consealed III" (2013-2014) wood and aluminium, 96.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm (38 x 9 x 9 inches.)

“Sealed the Consealed III” (2013-2014) wood and aluminium, 96.5 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm (38 x 9 x 9 inches.)

Pedram, who has exhibited nationally and internationally since 2006, has been exploring different mediums and forms of art from X-Ray machine photography to video, sound art, performance, mix media, video-theatre, installation and sculpture. He researches different ways and mediums to join his historical/cultural heritage to the contemporary world. Meanwhile, he retains a critical approach toward “West vs. East” or “East under the gaze of West” paradigms. “I think these paradigms act as the status quo of the Art world,” says Pedram, “in particular their socio-psycho-political apparatus. I try to maintain an existence in the fold where these dimensions meet with each other in their greatest tension, where the trauma shows itself in its naked fashion.”