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New Ceramics Facility Nearly Complete

Last year the Helen Jones Foundation made a significant contribution to the 3D Art Annex project toward the completion of the Ceramics facility.  As a result construction has been ongoing most of this year.  This fall, Von Venhuizen, associate professor of ceramics, conducted an upper level kiln building class.  Graduate students and seniors got hands-on experience designing and building state-of-the-art kilns.  The Ceramics area will be moving into the newly renovated space in the 3D Annex later this fall.

Hello to Brandi Price!

Brandi Price (2002 BFA Design Communication) is currently working as designer at Hartsfield Design in Lubbock, Texas as well as an up and coming musician playing at clubs throughout the country. She was previously employed as a book designer at Hill Street Press in Athens Georgia.  Her designs have been nationally  recognized at prestigious competitive venues. Brandi  also taught graphic design full time at Clarke Central High School in Athens, GA, as well at several courses at Texas Tech University. She has some wonderful stories to share about her experiences.

Brandi can be reached at