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Regis Shephard died Tuesday afternoon, July 27th, of a heart related event while at work at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, where he taught and served as Chair of the Fine Arts Department.

Regis was a 1994 alumnus of Texas Tech who received his BFA in painting.  While at Texas Tech he studied with Ken Dixon and also took 12 hours of ceramics with Sara Waters and Vern Funk.

Commenting from her studio in Slaton, Sara Waters said, “My heart is heavy with the loss of Regis.  He was a most talented , caring and gifted young man.  He knew who he was and sprung from that knowledge.  Nothing was too great for him to tackle.  What a prideful young man.  He made me want to go to work each day.  He was an inspiration.”

Regis Shephard was born in 1971 in Lamesa, Texas. He spent most of his childhood on a cotton farm in the neighboring town of Seminole. He graduated with honors from Seminole High School and attended Texas Tech University. Regis received a $49,000 Minority Teaching Fellowship from the Alamo Community College District in San Antonio which he used to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio where he received his MFA in 1996.

In his artwork, Regis explored issues of race, gender, sexuality and religion in pop culture.  His work was exhibited extensively in Texas (Blue Start Arts Complex and McNay, both in San Antonio, the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, the African American Museum of Art in Dallas) as well as nationally (Agora Gallery in New York City and The Lab at the Roger Smith, also in New York), and internationally with an exhibition in New Zealand. In 2008 Regis was one of the alumni artists included in the 40th Anniversary Invitational Studio Art Alumni Exhibition presented in the Landmark Gallery.

Junction Summer Program Helps Art Educators Achieve Their Dreams

The Junction Summer Program is Texas Tech’s hidden gem which enables full-time professional arts educators to fulfill their dreams of getting Master of Art Education (MAE) degrees at their own pace.  Directed by Future Akins-Tillett, Coordinator of the MAE program and associate professor in visual studies, the summer art community is focused on developing a deeper, more meaningful relationship to the arts through production, critique, discussion and open exchange.  This year two MAE candidates completed their work toward their degrees.  Below are their stories.

Julie Lynn Freedman began her MAE at Texas Tech University in the fall of 2007. As an abstract painter living in Austin, Texas while teaching high school Spanish and art in Texas public schools, Ms. Freedman sought an artistic and intellectual challenge to study art and produce works that incorporated language, symbolism and figuration within her color fields of abstractions.

Freedman’s sojourns in Spain and in Brazil, where she has at times lived and worked, have influenced her life aspirations and her work. The symbolism prevalent in Julie Freedman’s current artwork starts with feminine contours that evoke sensuality and as well as a suggestion of ambiguous space to render a complex, colorful and somewhat rhetorical composition.  Other nascent imagery in her abstract environments includes male shadows, vases and vessels, and architectural structures. Her paintings acknowledge a balance and interdependence between abstraction and imagery.

Freeman paintings, on left " mujer y pez" on the right, "hombre cara roja"

For her MAE thesis exhibition she created a new body of work which is on gallery display at the Junction Center Gallery in Junction, Texas and can be seen until July 30th.  To see more of her artwork, click to link to her personal website.