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Nancy Naumann Memorial Art Scholarship Endowment Announced

On February 15th, during this year’s Betty Clawson Wright Performance hosted by Ms. Karen Savage and the School of Music, The Ohio State University concert pianist, Steven Glaser announced that he was creating a scholarship endowment in Art in memory of Nancy Naumann (1951-2002), who was his partner late in her life.  Since then family members and friends of Nancy Naumann have joined with additional contributions to the endowment fund which will support scholarships for beginning fall 2012.  See link below to make an online contribution.

Nancy Naumann, had taken up ceramics before her death in 2002.

ART alumni remember Nancy as Nancy Naumann Merchant who was married to Rob Merchant while she worked on her BFA in printmaking, which she received in the late 1970s.  Years later, after Rob’s death of cancer, Nancy returned to Lubbock to complete an MFA in drawing and printmaking in 1989 studying with both Terry Morrow and Lynwood Kreneck.  Kreneck, who remembers Nancy as an “extremely talented printmaker,” recalled that when he was included in a national survey booklet  titled In Their Own Image: Printmakers and Their Students from 19 Colleges and Universities, that he had chosen one of Nancy’s lithographs (and one by Future Akins) to represent the Texas Tech program.

"Chronology" circa 1989, a litho-screenprint selected by Lynwood Kreneck for publication (reproduced in b/w).

Nancy and Steven Glaser started dating in the early 1990s when Glaser was on the Tech School of Music faculty.  When he moved to Ohio to serve on the faculty of The Ohio State University, Nancy went with him.  They lived together many years, but were never married. Says Glaser about Nancy, “she was the most genuine, honest, and unselfish person I’ve ever met. To have known Nancy was a gift and a privilege.”