Mary Beth Koeth is Across the Pond at UK Hallmark

picture-1Mary Beth Koeth, BFA Communication Design 2005, has been with Hallmark since graduating from Tech.  “It’s truly a dream place for creatives to work…so many creative resources available and so much talent under one roof!” Koeth explains.

She spent two and a half years designing greeting cards at headquarters in Kansas City before making the big jump to the U.K. where she is working as a design manager. “I’ve been in England for a little over a year now…and I still have trouble understanding the crazy, northern accent.”

“In my spare time I enjoy traveling Europe and observing European men in tight jeans,” Koeth adds ” All and all, I’m just a greeting card designer who’s moved to the UK.” Sounds like the beginning of a song to me. Check out her blog at 

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