Millennial Collection of Photography Showcased at LHUCA

Since its implementation in 2000 by Rick Dingus, professor of photography, the Millennial Collection has grown to include more than 1,500 works of photography, artist books and digital video documentaries, by TTU student artists as well as professional artists from around the Southwest. For an in-depth story about the Millennial Collection, click here.

Next month, three separate exhibitions of photographic works from the Millennial Collection will be shown at The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, with an opening reception during the November 7th First Friday Art Trail. During 2008-2009 seven exhibitions from different parts of the Millennial Collection have been scheduled to coincide with Lubbock’s Centennial celebrations at venues that include not only LHUCA, but also the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library, the International Cultural Center, TTU’s School of Art, and the Buddy Holly Center.

Conceived of as a joint documentary project of the School of Art and the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library the Millennial Collection began as a collection of individual portfolios by student artists in Dingus’s documentary, view-camera, and other photography classes. As such the collection includes work by School of Art majors as well as students from some of the other degree programs around campus. Cristy Cross (2003 Photo Communications/Mass Communications) is an example of a non-major who is included in the Collection, with a piece to be exhibited in the Student Works exhibition. Besides works by photo majors, the Collection includes works by students in visual studies, art history, communication design, and the studio arts.

Along the way portfolios by professional artists have been added to the Collection. Some of the artists are Rob Amberg, Peter Brown, Robin Germany, Wayne Lambert, Steve Fitch, Sharon Stewart, Rick Dingus, William Sutton and Michael Berman and there are others. Most recently, student portfolios by students studying under Andrew Liccardo (MFA 2001 Photography) teaching at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, and Shreepad Joglekar (MFA 2008 Photography) teaching at Victoria College in Victoria, TX, have begun to be added to the Collection as well.

John Roof (1973 BFA) Still Painting

Why is it that I came down to Texas from Ohio and stayed, while most of my friends from TTU who were Texans left and went up North? 

I live in Staple, TX just outside of San Marcos with my wife Betsy (Bryant) Roof (BFA advertising 1973 TTU).  We own the General Store Furniture Solutions in San Marcos, where we do furniture restoration and repairs, sell unfinished furniture and Betsy does chair canning.  When I gradated from TTU I became the Retail Store Manager for Texas Art Supply in Houston since then have done so many jobs including airbrush artist for Gulf Oil and have lived all over Texas.  I am now settled in
Staples and love this area. 

I took a 30 year break from art to raise three children.  Six years ago I found an old canvas that I had dragged around Texas and looked at the corn field behind my shop, grabbed some cans of spray paint and went to town.  I have not stopped painting I have won a few national awards and hung in a other national art shows.   I now hang in The Rive Gauche Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. and other art galleries in Texas.  I was dubbed the “Artist of Nature Soul.”  I wish you all could see this area along the San Marcos River and all the trees.  

I want to thank TTU Art Dept. and invite you all to visit or write.  I have stayed in touch with many of the TTU art graduates for the early 70?s and look forward to finding others. 

Take care, John (1973 BFA Painting)  or

Corey Escoto – Negotiating the Art World

Since receiving my MFA from Washington University in St. Louis (2007), I was selected as one of three artists to take part in the Great Rivers Biennial at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and was a recipient of a Gateway Foundation Grant ($20,000). Having just had my graduate art show prior to that announcement, I was immediately challenged to come up with a new body of work under a variety of new pressures.  Making work for such a large exhibition space, in such a short time span, with seemingly unlimited possibilities, for the most attended venue for contemporary art in the city, was a new challenge and opportunity that became a valuable learning experience.

I have also participated in a handful of exhibitions since then including, Texas Biennial 2007, Austin, TX, New American Talent 23, Austin, TX, and have exhibited work in a number of international exhibitions including Le Souvenir, Weimar, Germany, DeCollecting, FRAC Nord-PasDe Calais, Dunkerque, France, 7 Days Brunch, Basel, Switzerland, and Somewhere Out There in the Middle of Nowhere, Munich, Germany.  These exhibitions have allowed me to meet new and interesting people from all over the world, all of which share a common interest in art. The best of these was 7 Days Brunch which brought together artists and galleries from seven different countries to a temporary exhibition space where we and those who found their way to the brunch talked, ate, and made friends before departing to the various art fairs all around Basel.

In addition to exhibiting my work, I have have enjoyed being a teaching assistant at the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA).  CSSSA is a pre-college summer arts school that brings together promising visual art, dance, music, and theatre students to the Cal Arts Campus for an intensive creative experience.  It was a fun job working with energetic students and nice to relocate to the LA area for part of the summer.

Ryan Burkhart Reports from Charlotte

In January, my wife, Sarah (Schabacker) Burkhart (TTU Alumni 1997) and I decided it was time to take the next step in both of our careers and to seek out new opportunities. This past June, Sarah moved to Charlotte, NC ahead of me and joined Source Technologies, where she is the Director of Marketing. She is really challenged by the position and is flourishing in an environment that allows her to use her creativity. I remained in Orlando through August, working to find renters for our (sadly) unsellable home – we’re landlords now – and to transition Flying Horse Editions (FHE) to an Interim Director, Theo Lotz.


Over the past 8 years, I served as Director of FHE and a full time Instructor in the Art Deptartment at the University of Central Florida. I am very proud that FHE has gained a reputation as an up and coming collaborative printshop known for quality editions. It was great to work with the collectors, artists, and upper administration at the UCF to take FHE to the next level.  I am taking those experiences and building upon them with my next venture: A studio in Charlotte where I can focus completely on my studio activities and a new private press, Firsthand Editions. I am also serving as a consultant, helping others set up their silkscreen studios safely and efficiently. 


Sarah and I are enjoying having seasons again, the fine people of Charlotte, and putting our guns up on the weekends for the football team. 


Some upcoming exhibitions and demos include:


BookOpolis – Asheville BookWorks, Asheville, NC
Featuring Ghost Towns of the Enchanted Circle, my recent collaboration with John Poch (Director of the Creative Writing Program in English at TTU).

Susan Budge Thanks TTU School of Art

Susan Budge (1982 BFA Ceramics) now an Associate Professor of Art and  Head of Ceramics and Art Metals at San Antonio College, gives TTU a big THANK YOU!  She explains, “I owe a great deal of the success of my career to the support, encouragement and education I received through the Art Department at Texas Tech.” Her recent work and her accomplishments can be seen at her website.

“It has been a long time since I have had any contact with my former professors at Tech.”  After Tech Susan got an MA at University of Houston Clear Lake, and then her MFA from UTSA (after she had received tenure at San Antonio college)   

“I have recently had a great deal of success, with work getting into shows, and going into museums.”  Her work was recently selected into the Texas Biennial 2009 to be presented in March.  “I hope at some point my work may be included to the collection at Tech. Please pass my warm regards to any professors who were teaching from 1977-1983.”

She is currently represented by New Gallery in Houston, Loveed Fine Arts in New York, and Galleria Ortiz Contemporary in Houston.  She can be reached at

SoA's Blog a Good Idea

Gaines Clore Wynn, (BS, TTU; MFA, Arizona State) exclaims, “Thanks, this is a great idea!” talking about the School of Art’s Alum Blog.  A 1968 graduate, she remembers fondly “my years at Texas Tech when I was an art major, but was also in WSO and Mortar Board.” (She was known then as Mary Ann Gaines, which she has not gone by that “in centuries!”)

She now lives in the Washington D.C. area.  “After finishing my MFA in painting from Arizona State in 1972, I am still painting in my great studio in the arts district of Mt. Rainier, Maryland, which is two blocks from the D.C. line,” Ms Wynn said. 

A trip to North Africa has inspired her next exhibition of mainly oils and pastels slated for 2009, at the Parish Gallery in Georgetown, Washington DC.  Another inspiring sort of gig occurred last year for Ms Wynn as she explained, “I was asked to be a ’Muse’ for the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Tech and was very honored to help out with that.”  See her art website at and/or visit with her at

Rob Glover Showcases New 3D Art Annex with Jewelry Exhibit

Professor Rob Glover has completely moved the Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing program into the new 3-D Art Annex, a remodeled and transformed warehouse, on the north part of the TTU campus across from the Aquatic Center.  “Former students would really appreciate the layout, the great soldering area where 12 students can work safely and productively at once. The outside hammering and raising yard is amazing,” says Glover.  (See a TTU News Media podcast of Rob in the new facility by clicking here.)   When asked what words of wisdom he has for former students, he laughingly remarked, “Stop complaining and get busy!” 

Professor Glover follows his own advice.  This fall he has curated Content in Contemporary Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing, an exhibition which will be presented in the Landmark Gallery from October 18th through December 13th.  The exhibition features the artwork of 28 artists from around the United States.

The exhibition will be kicked off with a symposium on Saturday, October 18 from 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. Key artists in the symposium will be Lisa Gralnick, Keith Lewis, Patricia Nelson, and Marjorie Schick.  An Opening Reception will follow from 6:00 – 8:00 PM that evening.

Weichman in Washington

That’s right – Marie Weichman left Texas this summer and moved to the Pacific Northwest for the second time in twenty years.

Since graduating in 2000 (MFA Ceramics) I have spent the last eight years of living the gypsy life and teaching part-time time at various colleges and universities, (well, okay… there was a year of full time faculty life stuck in the middle there), but now I am finally gainfully employed as a tenure track member of the art faculty at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA.  When I accepted the job I received a rainstorm of e-mails from faculty and staff welcoming me to the most beautiful place on earth.  Now that I’m here, I can see why.  It really IS a stunning place to live.  The new job is a sweet gig.  I am working with extremely talented, friendly and laid-back people.  I am in charge of the entire 3D area for the department and I ride my bike to work everyday! 

Besides teaching, I’ve been making and showing artwork and lately, that has kept me fairly busy.  Currently, I have a piece included in an all-media, group show at Murray State University called THINK TANK.  In Jan/Feb of 2009 I will be showing recent work with two other TTU Alumns, Ian F. Thomas and Dryden Wells at Slippery Rock University, (thanks, Ian, for making that one happen!).  That show will focus on work made during and after our residency in Jingdezhen, China in 2007.  Also in Feb. ’09 Olympic College will be hosting a solo show of my work.  Last but not least, Sante Fe Clay Gallery recently invited me to participate in their group show scheduled for January.  Things here keep moving forward and the momentum is up right now. 

Links: and

Ryder Jon Piotrs Hits the Road to Marfa

School of Art alumni Ryder Richards (2001 BFA Painting + Drawing), Jonathan Whitfill (2006 MFA Sculpture) and Piotr Chizinski (2006 BFA Sculpture), all currently living in Lubbock, have joined forces to mastermind a mobile art gallery known as the Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery which has appeared in Marfa, Houston, San Angelo, Wichita Falls, and Lubbock in the last year. Ryder Jon Piotrs (RJP) is a collaborative art group based in Lubbock, Texas celebrating the second year of exhibits by returning to Marfa. The gallery is composed of a 24 foot Ryder moving truck converted into a sophisticated gallery space complete with track lighting.

The Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery presents No.2 : Delivered to Your Doorstep, an exhibit of contemporary Texas artists held in Marfa, Texas in conjunction with the Waypoint Gallery. The group show will feature new pieces questioning and commenting on world issues and personal identity. The artists work in a range of media including steel, ceramics, installation and painting. The nomadic gallery event will coincide with the Chinanti Foundation Members Dinner weekend, October 10th and 11th, 2008. Join them for the opening reception on Saturday, October 11th, 2008. During the opening reception music will be provided by several West Texas bands. This exhibition is free and open to the public.

No .2 : Delivered to Your Doorstep  will feature artworks by SOA alumni, current students and faculty artists Lauren Boldon, William Cannings, Piotr Chizinski, James W. Johnson, Andrea Moon, Ryder Richards, Sue Anne Rische, Jeffery Wheeler and Jonathan Whitfill. Each artist has developed a method of assessing and refining their art that leads to art that not only confronts, but speaks of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Several of the artists display a tongue in cheek humor while commenting on grave issues that face our world, while other artists focus on the refinement of energy and process to engage the complexity material and mind.

Andrew Nelson Loves Vermont!

Vermont is an amazing place to visit in the fall. It’s even cooler when you live here. If you’ve never experienced autumn in New England, just imagine God dumping Fruity Pebbles on New Mexico… and that’s about as close an approximation as I can give you. The landscape is Martian, and inhibits obsessive compulsive artist’s behavior. It’s really mind blowing, and I’m fortunate enough to be experiencing it for my third year in a row.

I moved up here in 2006, about a year after graduating from Tech. I am a product designer and illustrator for Questech, a decorative home tile manufacturer in Rutland, VT. My company produces high end products for  people’s kitchens and bathrooms, which are sold at in Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

I married my college girlfriend, Kelly, a TTU alumna, and San Antonio city girl, who just loves -30 degree winters, torrential snowstorms, and driving on ice……. hahahahaha. I wasn’t too popular when I told her I landed the job up here. She is adapting, and I am proud. We live in a restored 1798 farmhouse in the Green Mountains, in a tiny mountain township called Shrewsbury. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Funny Farm,’ I will vouch for its accuracy.

New Englanders are an odd sort. They don’t think too much of Texans. For some reason, I’m responsible for George Bush’s existence because I’m from Texas. Never mind that he was born and raised in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Ironically, Lubbock prepared me for life in Vermont, although Vermont wins the Darwinian award for most exotic white trash selection. Some of the locals here have their teeth removed in their late teens, to avoid ever having to pay for a dentist. How bout’ them apples?